The Artist


IMG_0719 Art has been in my life ever since I can remember. Painting is my way to vent and free myself from any disappointments broken heart or bad feelings I may have. My art represent what I see as beautiful or subjects in which eyes I see a different story. I hope my work will convey these different emotions. I believe as a person I am full of simple complexity, and that’s how I feel about my work, as simple as the subjects are I see different levels in each and every one of them. When I paint time does not exist, pain disappears and my soul is lifted.“I am vulnerable… I hide behind my canvas… I escape without ever having to leave…each paint stroke strips off a part off me…I show you all of me without showing any of me…” signature_light

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Abiola, is an  Italian artist of Nigerian origins. She attended Baylor University on a full basketball scholarship where she received a bachelor’s degree in Spanish, Spanish literature and  Culture. After graduating, she started her career as a professional basketball player in  Israel, where she played for 3 seasons, then moved to Ibiza Spain, Italy for 4 years and finally in England, where she also pursued her master degree in International Business Management . While in Israel she attended the art workshop of famous Israeli  artist Eilat Tzin, and developed her skills further.

Abiola likes to focus her work on the diverse aspects of Black culture and tries to  capture the beauty of her people and her culture in the works of  art she creates.  Her artwork is exciting, bold and expressive. Not only is she fascinated by the human  form, but emotions, body language and especially eye expressions. Her style, sense of  color is eye catching and being noticed by many.

Abiola work was noticed in Ibiza where she was featured on the local newspaper,  Nigeria, where she was published in local magazine “Goldmine” and also was exposed  in one of the most prestigious art galleries in Milan Italy “il Borgo”. She only prints  small numbered limited editions, in order to value the collector. Abiola will be soon show casing her art work in new locations, follow her to find out….