The Artist


Hi! I am Abiola, I am an  Italian artist of Nigerian origins. I attended Baylor University on a full basketball scholarship where I received a bachelor’s degree in Spanish. After graduating, the real adventure began: I started my career as a professional basketball player in  Israel, Spain, Hungary, Italy for 4 years and finally in England, where I decided to go back to school to  pursue a master degree in International Business Management . While in Israel I was able to attend the art workshop of famous Israeli  artist Eilat Tzin, and develop my skills even more.



Art has been in my life ever since I can remember. Painting is my way to vent and free myself from any disappointments broken heart or bad feelings I may have, its my way to identify and express myself and my cultural ambiguity. My art represents what I see as beautiful in being black, and my subjects are vessels in which eyes I see a different story.

I hope my work will convey these different emotions. I am a person full of simple complexity, and that’s how I feel about my work. As simple as the subjects are, I see different levels in each and every one of them.

When I create a piece I create a new story, a new exit route from a reality where stereotypes, often box us in a world we might not completely belong to.

“I am vulnerable… hiding behind my canvas… escaping without ever having to leave…each paint stroke strips off a part off me…I show you all of me without showing any of me…” 


I like to focus my work on the diverse aspects of black culture and capturing the beauty of  people that look like me. Being a third culture kid, proved to to be difficult to fit in, art has always been the one place where I cold fully express all the diversity that makes me who I am today. “Her artwork is exciting, bold and expressive. In addition to my fascination towards the human form, emotions, body language and especially eye expressions”.


Thanks to my basketball life, I had the opportunity to be noticed as an artist in Ibiza, where I was featured on the local newspaper and in Nigeria, where my work was published in the local magazine “Goldmine”. While in Italy I was part of a group show at a prestigious art galleries in Milan Italy “il Borgo”. To try and keep a sense of exclusivity  and show appreciation to my collectors, I only print a small number of limited editions.  Glad you are here, and stay on the look out! I will be soon showing art work in new locations near you….



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